Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
House cleaning is really a tough and multitask job these days when you are running short of time or when you want to spend your free time with your loved ones. It becomes troublesome when your super special guests are coming home for dinner and your home is really a messy place with a dirty kitchen, smelly bathroom, topsy-turvy drawing room, and bedroom. In such a situation, you certainly desire for a magic stick, you wave like a magician and your home would change into a neat and clean place like a five star hotel. This is possible; believe it! Our cleaning services in Berkeley and surrounding cities has many reasons to amaze you and guarantee you an ultra fast and quality service at lowest rate.
Why choose us for your home cleaning needs?
  1. We make it sure that your house looks perfect every time exactly the same day when we first time provided our home cleaning Berkeley service to you ten years ago.  Our every visit to your home is like a new challenge to make your home ultra clean.
  2. We update our workers with latest the tools, deep cleaning tips, and high quality products in order to provide you the best quality service in the area. For this purpose, we arrange training workshops where our talented workers come to know the use of different cleaning tools and powerful detergents that act against the tough stains on floors, wood furniture, wash basins, toilets, and kitchen shelves.
  3. Our highly trained staff members do not leave your home until you review the cleaning work along with the team and make you happier with the perfect spark cleaning.
  4. We make your home a contaminated free place where you and your kids grow in healthy and safe environment. Kitchen, washrooms, and pet areas require deep cleaning. Our trained staff uses the very latest cleaning products whenever it requires and go extra mile to provide you continued satisfaction.
  5. Home organizing tips can be asked from our housekeepers free. This will help you maintain your home cleaning.
  6. Our housekeepers know well how to handle, organize, and deep clean your expensive items that are enhancing the value of your home. We believe in good, conscientious service and know what is important to our customers where we make sure that those things are consistently handled.
  7. We give priority to eco-friendly product to add a spark in your home. We avoid the use of harsh chemicals because we don’t want to lower the life of your costly items. We can give new life to your dull flooring, dirty kitchen cabinets, ugly wash basins, toilets with rust, lime, and nasty stains.  
  8. Our reoccurring house cleaning service will give you big savings. Through regular cleaning, there will no need of replacing old, dirty, and out of order home appliances with the new one.  We maintain your home on a regular basis to prolong the life of your items and/ or appliances
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